The Huskies Pep Band (better known in some circles as the DAwGs Organization) is advised by the faculty director, Mike Christianson, and led by the executive board and an elite squad of conductors.  In addition, a greater team of section leaders, band managers, librarians, and other positions fill other important roles in the band, and have for the last forty thousand years.

The Huskies Pep Band has achieved a reputation of excellence, owing to its committed and talented team members and mentors. Brought together by a deep passion for performance and music, each bandmate brings their own unique character and sound to the College Band. Get to meet the faces behind the music.


Mike Christianson

"We are most effective when we are adorable"


The Executive Board


The E-Board reigns over DAwGs (Decibel Awareness Group).  DAwGs is the backbone of the band. The Eboard consists of elected members of the band that ensure funding is in place for instrument repairs, socials, and trips.  Every member of the Huskies Pep Band is considered a member of DAwGs.  Here are the fearless leaders of DAwGs:


Jake Aguado


3rd Year

Chemical Engineering



Isaac Long

Vice President

3rd Year

Computer Science

Bass Drum


Michael (Ziggy) Walker


3rd Year

Computer Science


Not Funny

Rebecca Rivera


3rd Year

Chemical Engineering


joyful :)

Arm Wavers

Elijah Morgan

3rd Year

Electrical and Computer Engineering

David Clawson

4.5th Year
Computer Networking & Systems Administration

Aaron Christianson

5th Year
Theatre & Entertainment Technology


Bradley Kimball

5th Year
Chemical Engineering

Morgan Green

5th Year
Civil Engineering

Alexandra Costanzo

5th Year

Civil Engineering

Michael McDonald

3rd Year

Electrical Engineering

Additional Staff Members


Librarians ensure that everyone in the band has music. The Huskies Pep Band has over 250 members and an arsenal of more than 100 songs.  The current Librarians are:

Joell Erchul

Emma Nanninga

Band Managers

Band Managers are responsible to move instruments from the Rozsa up to the SDC for games and have the amazing authority of dispensing and collecting the gorgeous stripes we wear.  The current Band Managers are: 
Adam Cerney

Noah Ekdom

Corbin McConnell (in training)

Section Leaders

Section Leaders keep the band running by leading their section to victory and passing down traditions.  All of the Section Leaders can be found under our "Sections" page.


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