Covid-19 and Our Responsibility

How the Huskies Pep Band is Planning to Continue Rehearsing and Performing While Prioritizing the Safety of Members and Fans

General Safety Precautions

We are practicing several general safety precautions at all rehearsals, performances, and any other band event:

     - Masks will be required for all attending performers.

     - Physical distancing of at least six feet will be observed between members.

     - Sanitizer and sanitizing wipes will be provided. 

     - Performers that play a single-outlet instrument with a bell (baritone, trumpet, trombone, etc.) will 

        be provided with a bell cover, which reduces aerosol emission when playing an instrument. 

     - Attendance at certain events may be restricted to limit the number of people in a space. 

These self-imposed guidelines are designed to keep everyone safe by reducing the chance of spreading the virus. Anyone of the band who does not comply with these, and any following rules, are subject to removal from the event, plus any other appropriate punitive action. 

Band Camp

In addition to these general rules above, more specific precautions are in place to ensure safety at Band Camp, our annual recruitment event where current members and new recruits can perform music together and learn what it means to be part of the Huskies Pep Band. Those precautions are:

     - Reducing shared surfaces by assigning certain members to tasks that require contact with those 


     - Regularly sanitizing shared surfaces. 

     - Providing only pre-packaged snacks and water. 

     - Providing more pre-event instructions to new recruits to avoid confusion and streamline 


     - Assigning individual instruments to attendees (if they use a band-owned instrument), which they will

        be responsible for for the remainder of the semester. 

Students are asked to please bring their own instrument if they are able to, in order to reduce the chance that we will not have enough instruments to provide. Percussionists are asked to bring their own sticks if they have them. 

Band Camp will be held on Monday, August 24th, 1:30-5:30 pm, at Lot 24 and Sherman Field of the Michigan Technological University campus. 


Guidelines for rehearsals are still being developed. Please visit again later. 


Guidelines for performances are still being developed. Please visit again later. 

Additional Information

A more detailed Google doc on the safety protocol we expect from our members can be found

at this link

These guidelines have been developed with help from the MTU Flex team, Jared Anderson and George Hommowun of the VPA Department, the Athletic Department, and the leadership of the Huskies Pep Band. 

To look at the study commissioned by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), the College Band Directors National Association (CBDNA) and more than 125 performing arts organizations, which explored the risk of aerosol transmission in multiple scenarios present in performing ensembles, please visit this link

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