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Remembering Kenny Bragg


Kenny Bragg was a beloved member of the Huskies Pep Band who was a fourth year member and section leader of the 10r section. Kenny tragically passed away on December 30, 2023 in a house explosion in Whitmore Lake, MI. Kenny's impact on the band and the people he loved will never be forgotten.


Please consider donating to Kenny's surviving family members and the Kenny Bragg Memorial Scholarship Fund.

A recording of the vigil held in Kenny's memory can be found here.

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Huskies Pep Band

The Cream of the Keweenaw, The Pride of Pasty Land, The Second-Best Feeling in the World

As the band continues to prove the second law of thermodynamics, memories are created and photos are taken. Share photos and stories on the page to help the band remember the deep roots of the late EERC tree and support for MTU athletics!

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We're a rather...enthusiastic band, meaning we make a lot of noise. 116 decibels worth of it, in fact! At that level, your hearing is safe for less than 1 minute without protection. That's why we've paired up with EarPeace and their mission to save the world's hearing. As our official hearing protection partner, EarPeace is providing high-fidelity music ear plugs to the Huskies Pep Band so we can bang, blow, or blast our instruments without fear of damaging our ability to hear the wonderful ruckus we're producing. Visit to learn more about the importance of healthy hearing. 



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Second to None

Huskies Pep Band encompasses the spirit of music and camaraderie. Since the band’s inception in 1967, the Huskies Pep Band has a storied history of excellence. Performing regularly at professional-ish events, parades, weddings, engagements, Husky Statue Birthdays, and more, Huskies Pep Band has traveled far and wide to share their talent and ceremonial sounds. Following a rigorous standard of tradition, the members of this Scramble Band are truly talented and dedicated individuals that work hard to dazzle the crowds at every moment.

The Wood Gymnasium

Women's Volleyball
Women's Basketball
Men's Basketball

Sherman Field at Kearly Stadium

Men's Football

Parade of Nations

Warm weather parade - shirts optional.

Career Fair Valeting

Valeting the Career Fair Recruiters' vehicles once each semester.


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Rozsa Center for Performing Arts

Annual Huskies Pep Band Concert early

 first semester.

Cold weather parade - shirts optional.

Heikinpäivä Parade

John MacInnes Student Ice Areana

Division 1 Men's Hockey

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